Creating Superior Approaches to the Treatment of Bleeding Disorders

The Company

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The Company and the Technology

Sanguistat was formed in March 2016 by Ron Burch M.D., Ph.D. and licensed the Neural Tourniquet technology from Northwell Health in August 2016.  The technology includes a robust portfolio of products, invented by Dr. Kevin Tracy from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.  This technology addresses acute and chronic bleeding through the electrostimulation of the vagus nerve in the pinna of the ear.  This stimulation primes platelets in the spleen which when they contact injured tissue become activated more rapidly than resting platelets, resulting in reduction of bleeding time and blood loss by half or more in animal models.  The company also has partnered with the Global Good Fund (an affiliate of the Gates Foundation) for development of the technology in the developing world and has received a grant towards the development of this technology.

Clinical Development

The Company successfully completed a Phase 1 trial which assessed safety, tolerability, and platelet priming.  A phase 2 pilot study to assess the reduction in bleeding following Caesarian section is being initiated.  This will be followed by a proof of concept study in adults with hemophilia.

Our Technology

The Neural Tourniquet TM

The Neural TourniquetTM is a medical device that reduces bleeding due to child birth, trauma, and hemophilia.

The Neural Tourniquet delivers an electrical signal to the vagus nerve which travels to the spleen, resulting in the priming of blood platelets. When they come into contact with damaged tissue, primed platelets initiate clot formation more rapidly than unprimed platelets.

Acute Bleeding

Preclinical studies have shown that the Neural Tourniquet can reduce blood loss due to trauma by 50%

Chronic Bleeding

in hemophilia by 70% following a single treatment lasting only a few minutes.

Our Team

Ronald M. Burch, MD., Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer


35+ years of drug development experience, Naurex, Biowave, AlgoRx, Pacira, Purdue Pharma, Nova Pharmaceutical

Jeffrey A. Rona

Chief Business and Financial Officer

25+ years of senior financial experience, UBS Warburg, AlgoRx, GlobeImmune, Coopers & Lybrand

Kevin Tracey, MD

Chairman of the SAB

Pres. and CEO, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Inventor of Neural Tourniquet, discoverer of the Inflammatory Reflex 

Martin Doerfler, MD

Board Member

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Northwell Health

James Dolan

Board member

Independent Pharma Consultant,  Former SVP Licensing and BD at Purdue Pharma, Various Senior Mgt Positions at Pfizer 

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